We are proud of our suppliers and we can, thanks to them, offer you the best in both machinery, machine components and spare parts. 

Preco_Logo.pngPreco Inc.- Our parent company - Specialize in customized solutions for large production flows.
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Electrox-logo.pngElectrox  - Our marking systems supplier - has extensive experience in the laser world and was a pioneer in developing a working laser for industrial applications.
Marking stations and laser sources for marking.

II-VI-logo.pngII-VI Infrared  (Two Six) - World Dominating manufacturer of laser optics with factories in Saxonburg, PA, United States. Delivers optics to all CO2 machines on the market. Nowadays even for fiber laser related wave lengths.

ipg-logo.pngIPG Photonics  - World's largest supplier of fiber lasers and fiber laser components.

lasermech_logo.pngLaser Mechanisms, Inc. (Lasermech)  - World dominating manufacturer of beam path systems and advanced measurement equipment from Michigan, United States.

lasermet.pngLasermet - The world's leading supplier of laser security systems.

lasersos-sm.pngLaser SOS - The world's largest independent supplier of spare parts for YAG type laser systems.

lasersos-sm.pngBodor- Rapidly growing Swiss-Chinese cutting machine manufacturer, represented by LMI AB in Sweden and Norway.