Mora Laser engraver

Name: Bengt Sundberg

Title: Owner, Mora Lasergravyr

Mora Lasergravyr choosed LMI AB as their supplier of an Electrox laser marking system. 

Here's an interview with Bengt Sundberg, the owner of Mora Lasergravyr. 

Why did you choose LMI?

- It felt right, I've got a good first response that felt safe and created a trust between us qickly.
It was not the usual sales-talk but focused directly into a human level that made ​​me feel safe instantly.
I was looking for quality and it felt pretty soon that this system had a good quality eventhough it is a bit more expensive than the cheaper stuff available on the market today. 

How do you experience the equipment?

- As I said good quality that makes it worth the higher price.

Why are you using laser?

- I had an old CO2 laser before and was marking steel with help of  marking paste.
Fiber Laser needed for marking knives at Mora of Sweden, as CO2 and marking paste creates a lot of extra work steps and a bad interior environment due to the gasses emitted from the marking process. With the fiber laser it's no need for marking paste, in addition it enables a wider range of markable materials.
I already have several new projects in the works' that had been more or less impossible to implement with the old CO2 laser. I can now for example commit to mark on galvanized materials and change color pigments on painted products just to mention a few.

Can you recommend LMIs marking laser?

- Absolutely, no doubt, good support, good products and good knowledge among their staff.

Have you experienced anything negative in connection with the installation or handling of the equipment?

No, nothing particularly, it worked just great after the installation was completed.
The software is easy to understand and to put into action, it's easy to set up all necessary paramters in order to achieve a good result.

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Laser System: Electrox EMS200 equipped with a 20W Scorpion Rapide II ZEP laser source.