Name: Jakob Lindquist

Title: CEO, Lesjöfors Banddetaljer in Värnamo

A new large machine investment has been made in Lesjöfors Banddetaljer's factory in Värnamo. The advanced fiber laser meets many customers' needs for increased technical flexibility in production. 

Our customers' needs and preferences are constantly evolving and Lesjöfors stated strategy is to be at the absolute forefront in terms of technical know-how and machinery. In this way we can offer our customers flexible and optimized solutions tailored to each individual's needs. 
- Today we have a massive influx of new business and in very many cases it is creative product optimization linked to the possibilities of modern production of tapes details that make the deal possible. 

As part of this recently a major investment has been made in a new fiber laser from LMI at Lesjöfors Banddetaljer's factory in Värnamo. It is initially intended for laser welding, but has a number of other applications. Here, cutting, marking, polishing, welding and local heat treatment mentioned.  
- We see an increasing demand from the market of increased technical content in products. This often involves finding technical production rational solutions including welding and bonding, but also the product concept where material savings is the goal. We are pleased to offer a lot of flexibility with the new fiber laser, says Jakob Lindquist.

Laser Systems: LMI CWM-1000 equipped with an IPG YLS-1000, 1000W fiber laser.