Laser Welding


Ever since lasers found their way into industry, LMI AB and Preco have been developing laser welding systems for companies in a range of businesses.

Laser welding is Characterized by exceptionally smooth and fine welded seams. Lasers are excellent for welding thin materials, performing hermetically sealed welds, or welding close to heat-sensitive components - laser welding heats a much smaller area than with Conventional welding methods. Even hard to reach areas can be laser welded as long as there is a line of sight between the nozzle and material.

Laser welding can be done on any surface That Conventional welding works on and then some. By using laser welding, materials That are Usually Not Compatible can still be welded. For example, Stainless Steel with High Carbon Concentrations can be welded with titanium.

Preco Has a Wide range of high-power lasers from 500W - 12kW and overpriced equipment with pulsed Nd: YAG lasers for welding thin materials and production of hermetically sealed joints.

Preco demonstrating laser welding.

Demonstration of laser welding.


Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, medical manufacturing, razor blades etc. Applications demanding very fine and high precision welds.


Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Platinum, Plastic.

Hybrid Laser Welding

Hybrid laser welding is a combination of the more Conventional MIG / MAG technique and laser processing.
The intense energy delivered by the laser in combination with an Effective melting of the MIG / MAG welding wire results in high-speed welding That can bridge large gaps between surfaces. 

The process Provides significant advantages Compared to MIG / MAG Merely by the fact That it is given a much lower distortion and can be reunited with Gina sweep Components That Reduce cycle time and avoid rework.  Common hybrid welded materials include aluminum alloys and carbon steel.

Remote Welding - Galvo based welding

Remote welding or galvo based welding differs from traditional laser welding by the fact that the workpiece does not have to move, instead the beam is guided by the two moving galvo mirrors inside the scanner. Small movements of the mirrors leads to large movements of the focused beam, resulting in beam velocities of 500 ips (13 m / s). Remote welding is typically used for thin or sheet materials that require a series of stitches or points to be strong enough. 

The galvos rapid and precise positioning of the beam between the welds significantly reduces the total cycle time. Process area (or field of view) varies but can be as large as 1 x 1m. With applications ranging from spot welding of electronic devices to joint welding of sheet steel for cars.

Advantages of laser welding

  • Minimal heat input, provides a small heat-affected zone (HAZ)
  • Fine-grained treatment with exceptional welding quality
  • High energy density and high welding speed
  • No filler material required for most applications
  • Welding in hard-to-reach areas

Preco's experienced application engineers can help to create a process for welding Normally Incompatible materials. Preco overpriced HAS the capacity to perform metallurgical evaluations and our staff is experienced in destructive and non-destructive techniques (eg, ultrasound, x-ray, helium leak detection) for Assessing weld quality. 

Preco HAS experience in hybrid and induction assisted laser welding as well as cold wire fed welding, sometimes This is a necessity if the weld chemistry requires changes to meet the design requirements The. Below you can see various ready-made laser welding system from Preco. Contact us to find out if laser welding matches your needs for materials processing.

Precos standard laser systems

ST Series

From left: ST1000, ST2400 and ST2000/ST2200.

Preco ST Series laser system performs multi-axial laser welding, drilling and cutting in a Class I enclosure. Laser Machines are field condition tested over time and designed around the "fixed-beam laser technology" and Precos XY motion and control technologies.


RT Serie

RT1000RT1000 Laser Cell is one of the first "standard-systems" that is versatile and designed specifically for laser welding, laser cladding, laser hardening and special laser cutting applications. It can handle round, tubular, rectangular and flat workpieces in a working space with dimensions width: 1500 mm, depth: 600 height: 300 mm. The design with an extending x-axis reduces floor space requirements and ease of access for automatic or manual feeding of workpieces.


SL8000 Series

SL8000This versatile laser machine is designed for sheet metal cutting and laser welding, laser hardening and laser cladding. The laser system is based on a moving XY table and supports processing of an area equivalent to 3000 x 1500 mm. A common application is welding of molded or pressed steel, machined metal components and turbines for electricity generation. 



Mini-FlexProThe laser system Mini-FlexPro® is an innovative and cost-effective solution for laser processing of flexible circuits, membrane switches, digitally printed products and medical products.



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