Packaging Manufacturing - laser scoring

Micro perforation, cutting and laser incisions in the packaging industry

When the market for easy-open, easy-packed and breath-packs expanded Preco responded to this with new technology and capacity. With both laser systems and process development, we can help manufacturers by offering high quality, cost effective flexible packaging systems. 
Precos machines have patented solutions to shrink the laser beam with hardware and software that consistently gives the roundest and finest holes in the industry. This can be implemented even at high process speeds (up to 6 m / s). With a capacity to handle rolls up to 1.27 m (50 inches) in width to accommodate the demand to produce large bags and sacks used for, among other things, pet food and fertilizer.

Laser-based packaging production

Patented solutions for flexible packaging

Preco AcuBreathe, breathable packaging using laser micro perforation

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