Laser Cutting


We offer customized turnkey systems and laser sources for cutting from leading manufacturers.

By directing and focusing the output of a high powered laser, either through optics or fiberoptics, material separation can be achieved by either vaporizing, melting or combusting the targeted area. The width of the incisions typically range from 0.05 - 0.5 millimeters. CO2 , Nd:YAG and fiber laser systems are all capable of cutting, with their respective properties in different materials.

Choosing a laser based cutting system is easily justified by it's effectiveness, flexibility, quick setups and lack of tool wear.


Cutting applications demanding high precision, fine edges, flexibility and/or complex shapes. Common in many industries including automotive, medical, ATVs, motorcycles, pipe cutting, production etc.


Steel, Stainless Steel, aluminum, copper, copolymer blend, wood, plastic, clothing / textiles, metals, alloys, non-metals etc.

Practically unlimited cutting possibilities

Unlike mechanical cutting tools, such as knives and saws, lasers can perform three-dimensional cuts. Preco laser systems are capable of up to five-dimensional cutting using software such as SurfCam.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • Good at handling objects with very fine details, especially flexible materials. This is because unlike physical tools, the laser does not need to be in contact with the material. The risk of altering the shape of the material is therefore eliminated.
  • Can cut very hard materials without using additives like cutting fluid and without wear.
  • Excellent edge sharpness without secondary processing.
  • Can process sticky materials that would otherwise clog a cutting blade.
  • High speed cutting compared to physical tools as well as water jet and plasma cutting.
  • Cost effective; low operating costs and highly flexible.

Through cooperation with Preco and their extensive metallurgy skills, we can help you create the perfect process. For more information, please contact LMI .


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