Laser Converting


LMI AB, along with Preco Inc., optimize industrial laser systems for companies in various industries to optimize production processes using laser technology. The decades of accumulated knowledge has resulted in a number of laser systems that satisfy processing requirements either in it's basic form or tailored to the specific customer and applications.

Laser converting, is in short a production line in a machine where raw materials are inserted in a given slot of the machine and then collected at the end point of the machine as a finished product after being processed by one or more lasers. The entire production process is customized to the smallest detail.

Our goal is to construct industrial laser systems that provide the most direct route from idea to finished product. The entire process reduces spill, labor and production time, while also increasing precision.

Laser processing technology has many advantages over traditional cutting or grinding machining since it never causes any wear in the cutting tool. The tool, in this case laser radiation, can change its properties with the push of a button to suit many different applications inside the same machine. In some industries, the laser has completely taken over the business and dominates the machine parks.

Along with Preco, we have thorough knowledge and a great test institute where we can try out new applications and machines to provide the optimal manufacturing process. This results in many benefits for both the customer and LMI.

Applications / Areas

Medical products, electronics, telecom, automotive manufacturing, packaging, decals/stickers.


Adhesive, abrasive, paper, plastics, fabrics, textiles, elastic.


Cutaway, kiss cutting (partially cutaway), microvia, labeling, abrasion, perforation. 

Preco standard laser systems for converting

FlexPro® Series

FlexProFlexPro® combines speed with galvo guidance of the laser beam with the flexibility of a cartesian work table.


Mini-FlexProMini-FlexPro is an innovative and cost-effective solution for laser processing of flexible circuits, membrane switches, digitally printed products and medical products.


FlexStarFlexStar is a reel laser system that enables "roll to roll" processing with high performance UV and CO2 lasers to achieve high productivity for machining membrane switches and medical products.


Lightning Bolt Series

LB-SeriesLB Series is a laser system optimized for converting a range of different reel applications.


WebProWebPro is a digital laser cutting system that can quickly reset to produce small batches in a range of formats and materials.


SL Series

SL4200.jpgSL 4200 is an industrial laser machine designed to cut, kiss cut, print or etch a variety of materials including plastic and wood.


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