Laser Safety

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Laser safety is something that has been overlooked for a long time, not receiving the attention it needs. Today laser safety is taken much more seriously, and continues to become more prioritised therefore demands are rising.

Laser processing technology in all sorts of industrial segments today is perhaps one of the fastest growing technologies. The staff at LMI AB has been involved since the childhood of laser technology and has a deep understanding of the pros and cons with the technology. Unfortunately, a downside of the laser is that the security aspect is often neglected and doesn't recieve the same attention as other machinery, despite the hazards involved with using lasers.

Today, there are regulations and rules on how security needs to be handled when using lasers. Wherever lasers are used professionally demand that the equipment fulfills requirements in Arbetsmiljöverkets regulatory documents AFS 2009:7.

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As a company focusing purely on laser technology, we are naturally very keen on laser security which is taken seriously. LMI is a partner with Lasermet, a world leader in both industry and medical laser security. 

Lasermet Ltd

LMI is the new distributor of Lasermet Ltd. in Sweden and Norway. Lasermet is the world leader in everything safety related with laser systems. Examples are safety equipment for lasers in industrial environments, medical environments and laboratory environments.
Products include laser safety goggles, warning signs, screen walls, locks, blinds, curtains, laser interlock systems and measuring instruments. All these products are certified with respect to the statutory safety requirements for the laser.

We will be happy and look over your laser safety and takes appropriate steps to ensure that you have a safe equipment. If you need training in laser safety, we can also arrange this. 

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