LMI AB has a Long History of Designing Tailored Laser Welding Solutions, Ranging From Micro-Scale Medical to Large-Scale and Volume Automotive Industries. Below are Some Examples of Custom Systems We've Built.

Laser Welding is recognised by its exceptionally smooth and fine joints. Lasers are optimal for welding thin materials, performing hermetically sealed welds, or for welding near heat-sensitive components as the heat zone in laser welds are significantly smaller compared to conventional weld methods. 

Spots that are hard to reach using conventional methods are also easily tackled using laser welding as long as there is a line of sight between the laser focus head and weld spot.
Laser Welding can be done on almost all normally weldable materials, as well as conventionally unweldable materials. Lasers can also weld non-compatible materials like high-carbon stainless steel and titanium etc.

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