IPG YLR-Series

 IPG Photonics fiber laser systems is the markets leader and is currently used in most industrial applications.

IPG is a world leader in multi-kilowatt fiber lasers.

The IPG YLR-XXXX series of fiber lasers is widely used and can easily be summarized to include the following: cutting, welding, soldering, surface modification, ablation (surface removal), perforation and drilling.

Processing materials mainly include all kinds of different metals and plastics, where the wave length of the fiber laser is best suited. If you are unsure on how well the laser works on a specific material there aren't really many shortcuts, testing is the only way to get real answers to how well it works.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the usage etc. of fiber lasers.

IPG YLR-Series
IPG YLR-Series
Laser applicationFine cutting, sintering, engraving, welding
Power10-1000 W
Operational modesCW, QCW, SM
Fiber diameterAvailable in single mode, 50, 100, 200 or 300 µm diameter
CoolingAir 1-500 W / Water 1000 W
Upgrade optionsN/A
Backup moduleN/A