CO2 Laser High Power

Our high power CO2 lasers are always customized to your needs.

This means that regardless of the effect or purpose you need we can develop a CO2 laser that suits you perfectly.

Our technicians have the longest experience in service and maintenance of CO2 lasers which provides an extra insurance in the long run.

Are you in need of replacing your old CO2 laser but do not want to replace the whole machine?

Then we can help you customize the system so you get the laser fitting your needs the best, regardless of whether it is a traditional high power CO2 laser or a sealed (closed laser system) where you will not need to care about gas switches or water for cooling.

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CO2 laser cutting
CO2 laser cutting


ApplicationsCutting, welding, soldering, surface modification (ablation), milling, converting mm.
Output power50 - 8000 W
Bearbetningsbara materialMetals, plastics, rubber, wood etc.
Our brandsPThe PRC, Coherent, Synrad, Universal and others


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