Ceramic nozzle holders


Ceramic parts are a vital component of most CO2 machines cutting head when the nozzle holder and the sensor head is often made of ceramic to withstand large and rapid changes between different temperatures and is designed to act as an insulator for isolating the nozzle from the rest of the cutting head and thus create a magnetic field between the nozzle and sheet, this controls the Z axis and height adjustment to allow for uninterrupted height adjustments directly in production.

An uneven plate, in other words, no major obstacles during laser cutting.

Though ceramic is very much about Precitec, meaning if you have a Precitec cutting head and need a nozzle holder, chances are that it is a Precitec part. Even the leading machine manufacturers such as Trumpf and to some extent Bystronic, uses Precitec parts although they often appear to be their own. 

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